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18 October 2015 @ 07:35 pm
Do you have any recs posts/journals that you would like others to know about? If so, leave a comment with a link to your masterpost/journal (it can be from sites other than livejournal), any pairings as long as it's avengers related (MCU or comics), and I will add them to this post. :)


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a Darcy/Steve fiction where both of them can hear each other voices in their head.

Here are all the details I can remember -

The little bit I remember is it's starts with steve pre serum.

They both are in their own time lines.

They each can hear voices of the other person in their head.

There is a scene where Steve enlists and cant seen to keep up with the other soliders while running, Darcy encourages and motivates him, maybe even running around college campus to keep up with him.

When ever she speaks to him she pretends to be on her mobile phone.

They try to date different people but it doesn't work out and they declare that they will try to love each other through this mental connection in-spite of the time gap.

Steve confides in Bucky who doesn't know all the details of his relationship only that she is far away from him here in the war. Bucky tells Steve that he is lucky to find his dream girl encourages him to bridge the difference and gaps and tell her that he loves her.

I don't remember if this an soulmate story or if it's finished or if Darcy will realise that Steve will wake up in the 21st century.

I dont know if it was on tumbler, live jounral, FFN or AOO. I dont know if it has been completed or deleted.

I have been trying very unsuccessfully to find this fic, any pointers will be helpful
27 May 2017 @ 10:11 pm
Hi! So I've been looking for a post civil war fic I read a while ago where the Exvengers come back and go on a mission together. Steve throws his sheild really close to Tony to hit one of the bad guys who was sneaking up behind him and Tony has a massive panic attack.

And fic recs of similar nature (Steve triggers Tonys PTSD basically) would be very much appreciated as well. I hope someone knows what fic Im after. Thanks!
Hi there,

I'm looking for a fic where Tony and Rhodey are really close and tactile with each other but in a totally platonic way. Someone who is interested in Tony is kind of intimidated by their friendship and thinks they may actually be a couple? I can't remember if it is one of the Avengers (possibly Steve or Bruce) or Loki or maybe even Bucky. I think Rhodey complains about Tony always cuddling him even when it's summer during their MIT days?

Any other fics where the Avengers are caught offguard by Tony and Rhodey's friendship and kind of seeing a different side of Tony would be great too!

Thanks so much!
24 May 2017 @ 11:11 pm
1 - Does anyone knows any fic with Tony Stark as the new Winter Soldier? :)

2 - I remember a fic long ago where Tony Stark becomes a Winter Soldier - the Mechanic (i think). I also remember the title of this fic: Iron Soldier....but i cant find it anywhere...Any help is welcome!!
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24 May 2017 @ 12:06 am
Hello, I'm looking for a series where Tony and Bucky are together, but Tony is injured by a bot during a mission and is stabbed. Bucky is revealed to be his boyfriend when he visits in the hospital but in the next part of the series Tony falls into a depression while he's recovering and Bucky starts keeping secrets. Tony thinks he's cheating and begins to hurt his injury as well as trying hard to get Bucky to stay with him. After Bucky finds out he gets angry and storms out but comes back. I can't think of the name of it but I want to find it again. Thank you so much for the help.
23 May 2017 @ 07:02 pm
Hi, can anyone rec some good Steve/Loki fics? Happy ending fics and not too OOC please. Bonus if there's a decent mpreg one.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, so I'm searching for three fics that I forgot the title and can't seem to find it.

1. the fic is about Steve strolling in the park and finding Tony being bullied by kids I think. Steve doesn't know the guy is Tony Stark and I remember Steve and Tony like going to the movies and Clint also realize that the guy Steve is seeing in the park is Tony Stark.
Found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4284324?view_full_work=true

2. this is another Fic where Steve found Tony living on the streets. Steve always pass Tony and I remember Steve giving Tony a Journal for his ideas. Tony also has a briefcase that he doesn't want to leave behind.
Found: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1094534

3. I'm looking for this fic where Clint is a Dragon and is from a different dimension and Tony is turning into a Dragon. Clint is also the son of the Queen.
Found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2394158?view_full_work=true

Thanks guys!
22 May 2017 @ 07:58 pm
Okay so I am looking for this fic and I can't seem to find it.
I think this was the plot:
The avengers have kids (modified/created in a lab kind of thing)
(And I think Tony had a kid with Steve....)
And then all the avengers are put in some sort of modified sleep, except for Tony, but he thinks they are all dead. And then Tony goes to a place in the middle of nowhere (I think he ran for a supervillain (might be Loki)) with all the kids and raises them.
And he tells all the kids great stories about their parents. But not about himself.
And then I think the kids & Tony defeat the villain and find out the avengers aren't actually dead but in a sort of sleep.
And they wake up & fluff & angst & stuff

That's basically all... I hope someone can help me out :)
20 May 2017 @ 06:01 am
Ok, I am pretty sure I read this on some kink meme but can't find it any more.
Peter was kidnaped form Earth with his pet raccon Rocket by some alien scientists. They star making experimants on two of them and make Rocket way we seen in the movie. I'm not remember what they than to Peter but one of the important things in the story was talking abuot PB&J sandwiches.

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20 May 2017 @ 03:21 am
I'm looking for a short fic that was possibly on tumblr, rather than Ao3, from Sam's pov. It's set immediately after Steve comes to break everybody out from the Raft prison, and might have been Sam/Steve (possibly Steve reaches for Sam and he unconsciously flinches away?). It looked at how worn he is, the stress and the toll of what's happened hitting him, tired and angry and having to process everything that's happened in the past few days.

Anybody recognise this?

Edit 22/5/17: Found it, it's here on tumblr
19 May 2017 @ 06:14 pm
Is there any fic where Howard didn't die in the "accident"/assassination and how that affect Tony's future?
Thanks in advance!
17 May 2017 @ 09:49 pm
I'm looking for a story but I remember very little about it, so any help is definitely appreciated. Could be Steve/Tony, Bucky/Tony or Steve/Tony/Bucky. I think Hydra or AIM are manufacturing stones that can open portals. I remember a scene where Tony is doing some kind of experiment on a stone and a bunch of scientists are scared, while Bruce is kind of resigned to Tony's antics.

I also remember a scene where Tony sort of falls through one of the portals and ends up in Dubai and Steve's also about to fall into one, but Bucky holds him with the mechanical arm. Oh, and Tony has to fly really fast from Dubai to the battle and it causes some problems with the arc reactor.

Ring any bells?
17 May 2017 @ 01:16 pm
I am still looking for all things still listed on this post http://avengers-search.livejournal.com/887525.html (< I hope it okay to do this - as I wasn't going to post them again).

If you find the fic below please look back at that post (ignore the comments - while they're excellent stories they weren't the ones I was looking for.

A fic where Tony tries to kill Bucky thanks to previous knowledge of the video which captures his parents death but is stopped at the last minute by JARVIS, (Steve? And the others) who realizes that the man is not Bucky but is actually wearing a mask like the one Zemo wore. Steve and Bucky are together in this fic.

Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm looking for some fics after Civil War where Tony no longer pays for everything for the ExVengers. They're used to him giving them food, clothing, and shelter, so what do they do when they now have to provide that themselves? I've read a couple good ones, looking for some more. Ones where he stops making them custom weapons and armour are good too. It could be a fix it fic or not, doesn't really matter to me. Thanks in advance!
16 May 2017 @ 08:32 pm
I was in my AO3 bookmarks wanting to read a Bucky/Brock fic and noticed one has been deleted. I don't have many Bucky/Brock fics saved so I'm sad to see one's been deleted. I didn't have my own notes on the bookmark so I have no idea what the fic is so I'm hoping someone here can help.
Its tagged with
James "Bucky" Barnes/Brock Rumlow
James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
HYDRA Trash Party
Bucky Barnes Has Issues
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
Body Horror
Sexual Abuse
Serious Injuries
Does anyone recall this fic and have a copy?
15 May 2017 @ 07:59 pm
I'm looking for a story (and I've really really looked!) where Tony goes to meet Tchalla in Wakanda for some reason. I think he is there to discuss some sort of technical design he wants wakanda to endorse and has been working like crazy because he knows he is dying. He is really sick and out of it and T'challa takes him to see Bucky, (without telling tony where he's taking him to) and Tony doesn't realise the 'guards' are actually steve and nat and co. when He realises, he has a panic attack that turns into a heart attack. I think he escapes Wakandan hospital in a suit and I also think he uses Extremis to fix himself. I'm not sure is it is a completed or wip. I likely saw it on ao3. It's a longer sort of fic, from what I can remember. Please help.
14 May 2017 @ 10:53 pm
Fury has Tony kidnapped and tortured for some reason(?) and during the process Tony retreats into his mind so when he is finally released he doesn't remember anything (or possibly is just non-responsive I don't remember to what extent). Pretty sure Clint and Natasha knew about what Fury did, but the rest of the Avengers just thought he was kidnapped or missing. Possibly Steve/Tony. I can't remember anything else about it but it's been driving me crazy!

*Found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/718205/chapters/1330755
14 May 2017 @ 08:34 pm
I have been going crazy trying to find this. You'd think something this specific would be easy, but it seems not. I wanted to re-read this fic but I cannot locate it!

What I am certain of, except where marked (?):
* It was on AO3.
* Pairing is Clint/Darcy.
* At the beginning of the fanfic, Clint is in an interrogation room (?) with Fury.
* Clint intimidated the manager of the local bar in Puente Antiguo into letting him play a set.
* Clint has two guitars (?) that he has has for years, one of which has been set up to let him shoot arrows. The first one he got had a name that started with a p or b.
* Darcy persuades him to record some of his own music to be released under a stage name, which has something to do with a bird.
* He doesn't realize his work is popular until he is out somewhere public and he hears one of his songs.
* He ends up playing and revealing his identity at a Stark Expo (?) when the Big Country Artist who is scheduled can't get there.
Hey everyone :)
So...first time for everything: I´m looking for a Fic (obviously)...

1-What i remember is that Tony met up with Steve (I think it was Post Civil War) and after a bit of talking (or arguing w/e) they start to fight. Steve gets help from Clint and i think even Sam and somewhere along the fighting Tony starts getting a heartattack...or something along the way...
Thats...sadly everything i remember :D

*Found* You Could Only See the Worst In Me by kayura_sanada http://archiveofourown.org/works/10139228

2-On the other hand, i´m looking for fics where pepper is a bad person or hurt tony in some way OR if you want it could be natasha instead of pep :).
Dont care if Gen or E, i would prefer a slash pairing, doesnt matter if tony is with loki or steve or w/e...just...no top!tony please :).

Thanks for the help :**
read recently on ao3 and cannot remember the title/author, all searches coming up dry, hope someone can help!
its steve/bucky, set post winter soldier and ultron but pre civil war i think-tony and vision certainly help out-10-20k words, told mostly from sam wilsons POV with a little bit of steves thrown in.
here is the plot-
steve and bucky somehow get zapped to an alternate dimension with some hydra tech that wipes their minds (like bucky used to get but better somehow, more permanent) and sam and wanda and tony and i think natasha and clint try to work out how to get them back. after two weeks they get them back but its been 20 yrs in some jungle place for them. they havent aged at all, but they've mentally and emotionally bonded on a level where they think that they are one person and if they get seperated they'll die. they get kept initially in a hulk cage and Friday can translate their language, so the team realises the identity thing, and how they self soothe with cuddles and-ahem-oral sex, without realising what it is, just thinking they're scratching an itch. they've also scarred themselves to match the other, by constantly cutting and infecting the designs, steve has lines all down his arm to match bucky and bucky has the shield drawn on his back with the harness straps drawn on his chest. eventually they get to communicate with the team, and wanda and vision figure out they can fix their memories, but bucky doesnt want to, he wants to stay as one with steve, but in the end they both get fixed and stay together and love each other happy happy yay etc.
-sam is obviousy sad about his best friend, has to teach steve to brush his teeth
-when learning to comunicate steve calls himself 'steef' and bucky 'buggy'. when they get seperated one time he yells 'want buggy!'
sorry everyone for such detail, hope it is helpful and someone can tell me the author and title, there will be imaginary hugs and cupcakes in it for you if you do!!! :)
Hey guys! Lol, i didn't even know this was something i wanted untell i stumbled upon a fic about Peter's heightened senses (because of the spider bite), and it was just about how loud the Avengers tower is and it really hurts Peter's ears. And now, because I'm greedy, i want more. So if any of you know any fics where it focuses on Peter's heightened senses, specifically hearing and noise, but it's fine if it's about taste, smell, touch, or seeing, please just comment the link for me. Thank you, you guys are awesome!!
14 May 2017 @ 10:01 pm
Hey, so I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any good fics where Tony is a mutant and Howard experimented on him / abused him because of it. Thanks!
Hi there,
this may sound strange but I have to ask:

A few nights ago I dreamd of a story I think I read (I hope I read it...)
In it Steve was willing to do everything for Bucky, even hold Hands and kiss.
I think the story was placed after "The Winter Soldier" and Bucky couldn't remember much of his old life. He remembered bits and pieces and sometimes it was true and sometimes nobody could place the memories. One of this memories showed Bucky that he was in a relationship with Steve so he started to cuddle and kiss and wanted to do all the "Boyfriend" stuff - but this memorie wasn't real.
Instead of telling Bucky the truth Steve "played" his part and when Sam asked him about it Steve confessed everything.
In the end Steve had feelings for Bucky and everything turned out great.

That's all I remember of my dream and now I'm not sure: Did I read it? Does it sound familiar to you?

Did I make this story up? If so, do I read too much fanfiction? *giggles*

HELP, please!

And if you don't know the story I'm looking for, maybe you have something similiar?

Thanks in advance!
Hey y'all

Basically the fic was that Bruce let himself get kidnapped bc he though Ross had the solution to killing the hulk.

Tony, who I remember as being a titf brother, essentially yells at him for ages and makes him uncomfortable until he comes to a realisation about his self-worth.

Pls help tyty