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18 October 2015 @ 07:35 pm
Do you have any recs posts/journals that you would like others to know about? If so, leave a comment with a link to your masterpost/journal (it can be from sites other than livejournal), any pairings as long as it's avengers related (MCU or comics), and I will add them to this post. :)


* Steve/Tony Recs Masterlist (Movie-verse/comic-verse) - bea_recs
* Steve/Tony Recs - Masterlist (The Avengers) @googledocs by bbucndrvemycar
* Steve/Tony Reclist (Comic-verse and MCU) by endeni ( LJ)


* Comprehensive Steve/Natasha Fic Recs Post by shan21non


* Thor/Jane Foster Recs by the-irish-mayhem at tumblr


* badass_tiger's delicious account.
* Thor/Loki Recs - bea_recs

Various Pairings/Character-centric

* Marvel Universe Fic Recs by green_grrl
* bottom!Steve collection by kathrynparis
* Loki-centric Rec lists (Part 1, Part 2) by avidrosette
* MCU Recs (Various Pairings) by graculus (and check out their recs journal here! recs_by_grac)
* Marvel Recs by iamshadow (and other fandoms)
** Marvel Recs by wekakewalk (Different Pairings)
** Marvel Recs by dirty_diana (Different Pairings/Meta/Art and Vids)
16 January 2018 @ 01:52 pm
Alright guys please help a fangirl out here.

I lost this really good Loki fanfic where he finds out that he's a Frostgiant waaaay before the events of Thor go down, kid Loki finds out by touching the Casket of Eternal Winter.
Then he decides to 'protect himself' and to do that he needs to become a shadow, to be forgotten. And he does, so much so that people wonder where he has gone and his trainer is hesitent to train him extra because he will think Loki will take it as punishment.
Furthermore, Loki slips up with a fight with Thor and because of this his parents know that he knows.

I think it was on A03, so please help me out!
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16 January 2018 @ 12:33 pm

I'm kinda hoping to find a good Avengers or MCU crossover with Teen Wolf. 

what's making it hard for me to find fic is that I have about zero interest in Stiles Stilinski as a main character . (and I really can't stand Sterek)

So are there any Avengers or MCU crossovers that focus with the Avengers characters meeting Teen Wolfs main character, aka Scott McCall? Scott being a superhero in the MCU, joining the Avengers, running into SHIELD.

Preferably nothing Loki centric.

My favorite Marvel characters are Steve Rogers and Peter Parker, but I'd be fine with Scott meeting Tony as well.

Please no character bashing

16 January 2018 @ 05:49 pm

Hi! I found descriptions for 'Medication' by moonrose91 online, which sound very lovely. However, the journal had been deleted, and I cannot find link to this fic in any other sites. If anyone still has a copy of it, please share it with me!

For further description: Tony needs special medication because of his arc reactor, and he gets it from Phil, but when Phil is absent a SHIELD agent takes over and denies him his meds, so Tony gets very sick. Supposedly Phil then returns and fixes things and scolds people.

Please share with me if you still have it! Thank you!

15 January 2018 @ 10:34 pm
1) I was wondering if there were any fics where Steve having a hard time is ignored, either on purpose or without realizing it.
2) I just read a fic where the Avengers were adopted by Coulson and I was wondering if there were more like that.
14 January 2018 @ 03:45 am
I miss all the Team As Family fics, what with the Civil War coming in and messing everything up. So any Team As Family fics centered around Tony (he's always been my favorite lol, and Civil War has not changed that. Team Iron Man, baby!) would be much appreciated, thanks!

As for pairings, I don't care overly much as long as its not Stony -and slash is preferred but not necessary if there are ships. I would prefer a lack of bashing, but bashing is fine if its well written. I don't mind WIPs as long as they're fairly long and/or don't seem abandoned. I'm fine with whumping my little iron son, and all that (no non-con please!). X-Overs are fine. Lastly, I'm not a big fan of Wanda, so a lack of her existing would be nice, but isn't necessary as long as its well written.

Thanks for any fics you send my way in advance! Have a lovely day!
13 January 2018 @ 10:40 am
I cannot find this fic. Some people capture the avengers and Tony and Steve are put in a tank to drown?
13 January 2018 @ 01:22 pm

Hi guys. I am looking for a fic that I have read some time a go. It was long or head a lot of short parts on AO3. The pairing is Tony/Bucky. I remeber that the Winter Solider was a separate person and him and Bucky switched sometimes. In one part Tony was going to Latveria for business and the Winter Solider didn't want to let him go. So Tony took him/them with him as a bodygourd. When Tony was going for the meeting with Doom he looked at the Solider and called him James, becouse it was not Bucky.


Hey guys!

I've just about read every Team Cap or - at the very least - Steve Rogers bashing fic on Archive of Our Own. If you couldn't tell, I'm still salty over Civil War.

Anywho, do you guys have any fic recs that are not posted on ao3? I don't care if they're posted on ff.net, livejournal, dreamwidth, etc I'll take anything! They don't even have to be post-Civil War! I would just prefer no fix-its and Tony-centric if possible.

Thanks so much!

P.S. Any downloaded fics from ao3 where the originals were taken down any time before a year ago would be great, too!


I'm looking for a story where Clint is forcibly collared by Steve, but no one else notices anything off. The collar is locked, and at one point, right before everyone figures out what Steve did, Clint breaks down that he can't get the collar off, and Tony uses his override - for people who forgot their code - to get it off. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find the story, and it is making me sad.

10 January 2018 @ 03:16 pm
I know it's weird but i really want to read Laura/Tony because I've been reading civil war fic where Tony help Laura and they get along great there and it just got me thinking of them as a couple especially if he good with the kids and they love him. Please no threesome with Clint. If it has the captain in the bad light even better. Thank you.

Also for the awesome people running this community. Please please please add a bottom steve tag.
10 January 2018 @ 08:02 pm

I've just binged Chitauri Apocalypse by del_rion which is an AU about Tony not making it back through the wormhole and it's amazing and I'm looking for anything in a similar vein. Can anyone hook me up? <3

I read a ton of fics when I recently had a miserable cold and now can't find this one.

Here's what I remember (but could be mixing up more than one fic - I blame fever and cold meds): Tony is the leader of the Avengers post Civil War. He goes to Wakanda because T'Challa offers him Vibrabium as part of a business deal. Tony knows the trip is really about dealing with Team Cap. He gets the Vibranium and leaves after saying he won't help them.

T'Challa goes to the Accords Council and brokers a deal telling them Tony knew where Team Cap has been. Everett Ross schedules a press conference and tells Tony if he doesn't play nice and welcome TC back into the fold, Tony will be removed as leader and/or investigated.

Tony is with Stephen Strange when he gets the call. Dr. Strange, who is part of the Avengers now, brings him by portal to the event. Tony does the most Tony thing possible, that is, he acts like he's going to play nice and then tells the press about the blackmail, etc and then quits. Strange also resigns.

Any help is appreciated!

FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12362850
10 January 2018 @ 05:29 pm
Hello! Im looking for a couple fics

1) Loki was put into slavery as punishment, and was treated horribly, but ends up being given to Tony with his young daughter, whom i beleive to be Hela, and i thunk she was born because of rape. Loki begs Tony not to hurt her and Tony tries to get them to realise hes not going to treat them as slaves. Eventual frostiron i beleive.

2) There's another with the slavery thing, but Loki was brought to tony because he claimed that he was pregnant with tonys child, in order to protect the unborn baby. Tony plays along and again tries to help Loki. I think that loki ended up having twins and then suffered major postpartum depression because he had thought that after the babies were born he wouldnt be allowed to keep them. All Loki had cared about was keeping them safe until they were born and knowing Tony would then keep them safe.
FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3771550/chapters/8380726

3) Tony and Loki are together and Loki is suffering from postpartum depression. He hates himself for being jealous of the time tony spends with the baby. He goes for a walk with the baby and gives it jelly beans (?) To make it stop crying and then is convinced he accidentally killed the kid. He tells tony the kids dead and tony rushes home to find the alive kid in the stroller and lays into Loki, but Loki starts/was having a mental breakdown and tony realises what he was suffering from and tells him its okay.
FOUND: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1546796

I hope someone knows these fics. I really loved them. Thanks in advance!
10 January 2018 @ 01:44 pm
Hi, I’m wondering if someone would fill this prompt for me?

inspired by infinity war bearded stevie. It’s a reader insert where reader is involved with both Bucky and Steve. She gets pregnant by both of them (fraternal twins) steve father’s one, Bucky, the other. She tells steve that she’s knocked up but not Bucky (I don’t know, maybe he’s out on a mission or something) she gets kidnapped (maybe Zeno escapes and finds out steve and Bucky are playing happy family’s) unfortunately they don’t find her for months (hence steves bearded messy look) and the first time they lay eyes on her she’s heavily pregnant...
Hello all! I'm trying to find a fic where the Winter Soldier helps in a battle but all the things I remember about the fic aren't things that easily translate to tags on AO3. So I'm hoping one of your lovely people can help me. The things I remember:

Tony and Bucky know each other and are friends - maybe lovers. I can't remember if this story is gen, pre-slash or slash.
Bucky is not part of the team and everyone is wary of him when he steps out of the shadows to help in this particular battle.
Tony has to step out of the suit to disarm a bomb on a rooftop.

Not much but I'm hoping someone will recognize it. Thanks for any help!
09 January 2018 @ 09:24 pm


I'm currently looking for fics that are Tony-centric and have a lot of angst in them, as well as hurt and comfort. 

I would really appreciate things like Tony hiding serious injuries after a battle and him trying to deal with past issues, like abuse. 


09 January 2018 @ 09:49 am
Are there any stories focusing on Tony and Clint making up after Civil War? Clint said some pretty nasty things (and I'm not just trying to be anti-team Cap here). They weren't bffs before, but I'd love to see them working it out and getting better.
Another story I seem to have lost. I can't remember if it through a time machine of magic but the Avengers get sent back to WWII and meet up with the Howling Commandoes out in the woods in Europe. And yes, we have Sgt. Barnes and Captain Rogers AND Cap and WS/Bucky there too, learning to work all together in taking out Hydra bases.
hi, i m looking for 2 particular fics for which i couldn't remember the titles, pretty sure they are on Ao3, would appreciate info from anyone who happened to come accross these exact scenarios

1. After the civil war, the ex avengers manage to get pardoned, but they were not very popular so the president(or un officials cant remember) wants tony to speak up in the media to support steve or they would remove tony from leadership of the new avengers, tony holds a press conference but instead of speaking for steve, he told everyone what the UNofficials tried to make him do, (which steve thinks is proving his point about the accords but he wasn't quite happy abt tony being cold towards him)

2. Not sure if its from the same fic or different fic, Tchalla asks tony to come to wakanda using some excuse about business, tony meets the avengers there, later when tchalla is questioned on why he sheltered the avengers, he tries to use this incident to throw tony under the bus but tony is able to prove he was there only because tchalla said it was business
I remember reading this story, but of course I can't recall title, author, or exactly where I found it. It's about Bucky Barnes and the men he fighting with before his first capture. I'm pretty sure it's the 107th, the future(?) Howling Commandoes. Like the rest of them, Sgt. Barnes get sweet letter from his girl and comments are made all around. Toward the end of the story, the guys get some down time and (all of them? most? just one?) get to meet up with their sweeties. That when the guys realize that "Stevie" isn't a girl, not that Barnes ever said he was.
07 January 2018 @ 09:29 pm
Hi! So I read this story a while ago and now i cant find it. During the Avengers they put the Hulk in the glass cage and Loki gets supremely thrown arounf, leading to them fall from the sky. This may be another fic, but when he and Bruce wake up, hes constantly asking where he is and is generally just super confused, in pain, and i think scared.
FOUND: Fire from a Busted Gun http://archiveofourown.org/works/524070/chapters/927353

This is another fic (or two, which had similar concepts), but Loki ends up in medical on the helicarrier because they realised he was being controlled or something. Hes delirious/injured/sick a lot of the time and freaks out, panics and hides from everyone. I beleive he also tries to hurt/kill himself.

Hopefully someone knows what fics im looking for. Thanks in advance!
07 January 2018 @ 10:31 am
I'm looking for fics where Tony stops funding the Avengers and how the others cope with it.
06 January 2018 @ 12:12 am
You know how almost every time captain america is in an avengers line-up he´s leaging the charge and everyones backs him up and he's shouting orders and people just do what he tells them to do, at least that´s how it usually goes in comics. So I'm looking for story that just expand on that or maybe just stories you read and you noticed this type of cap. Comic verse is preferred but I wouldn't mind reading some mcu stuff. Gen or slash is welcome. Make it stony if it's slash, pls. Any rating.
04 January 2018 @ 07:52 pm
Hey, can anyone recc me fics that have Clint being Ronin. Love longer stories, but shorter ones are good too. Thanks.