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08 June 2012 @ 12:22 pm
Welcome to the Avengers fic search community! This place is primarily used for fic searches, but other fanworks are welcomed! This is NOT a place to post your own fanworks, there are other communities for that.

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28 July 2014 @ 10:19 pm
Hey guys I'm looking for two cross over fics with the X-Men/First Class.

1. Phil Coulson is the Human son of Charles and Erik I don't know if he was adopted or is the bio son of one of them, in the fic Erik stops visiting and when Charles finds Jean and other young mutants he neglects Phil.

Phil ends up cutting contact and changing his name, later Charles "feels" Phil "die" and looks for Phil when he's found it's made clear he'd not welcome.

2. This one might be full on non-con in it I'm not sure but Charles is attacked and both Erik and Raven don't believe him and lose patience with him when he suffers PTS. Charles runs away from them they don't see him till years later when they see him with Tony Stark one of his mates from Uni, they go looking and Tony warns them off.

Hope these ring a bell and thanks in advance.
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28 July 2014 @ 01:15 pm
Looking for anything where Bruce kinda acts as the teams doctor since they all hate hospitals or something like that.
Also anything where the hulk is really protective of the team
28 July 2014 @ 01:12 pm
Im officially in love with ysabetwordsmith "love is for children" series. Wondering if there are any other good age play fics, or coulson as babysitter/whatever for team, or where everyone has a lot of problems that they try and work out, or any good team fics. Thanks in advance!
28 July 2014 @ 01:08 pm
Any really good natasha-centric fics. Ive started to run out of things to search for but bonus points if

1) She's younger then everyone
2) she has a lot (more) emotional problems
3) her scared of hulk and/or injured
4) team helping her become more i dunno human?
5) anything to do with her dancing

Thanks in advance!
28 July 2014 @ 07:57 pm
Hi! I'm looking for two fics - one being the sequel to the first one. The first is about Loki turning up in Shield after being tortured by Thanos/the Chitauri. He wants to help Midgard defend against Thanos. He's quite sick at first, but eventually makes friends with Tony. Specifically, he's afraid to eat without permission. He ends up with a plan that works to defeat thanos. The second fic is about him settling into the avengers, and includes a trip to Asgard when he hurts himself as a jotun. The last chapter I saw, he'd had his powers taken by Odin and was incapable of defending himself.
Does anyone know it? I've searched everywhere I can think of :(
27 July 2014 @ 05:44 pm
So I've been searching and can't find this story, and its driving me crazy.

It took place during the first Thor movie, Loki was good in this story and was trying to show Odin that Thor wasn't ready to be king. I don't think he thought Thor would go so far and be banished.
I specifically remember Loki visiting Thor while he's being held by shield and explaining that even though he's king he can't leet Thor come back until he learns his lesson. Also, the warriors three don't trust Loki and think he wants to be king so, like in the movie, they go to find Thor. Thor tells them that Loki's doing the right thing, but I don't think they believed him.
I can't remember if they believed Thor or not.
I'm pretty sure Loki was using his position and how people thought of him to trick Laufey in to invading asgard so he could kill him and claim that he was preventing an invasion. Maybe to get revenge on his birth father or to protect asgard?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about, because I loved this story and I just can't find it.
28 July 2014 @ 01:00 am
Are there any out there? Seriously, this pairing is so hard to find. I think the only ones I've found were on the kink meme, but I'm hoping there's more.
28 July 2014 @ 12:42 am

I've just read a fic on a meme where Coulson is a therapist (he works with Loki who had extreme self-esteem issues in this fic). It was just a throw-away line, but I'd love to read more fics where Coulson is a therapist/psychiatrist. All length, ratings, pairings.

Thanks in advance
27 July 2014 @ 11:32 pm
This is very vague, cannot remember which site I read it on but it was within the last couple of years.Think it was something to do with Asgard/Loki changing peoples view of Tony Stark, he as punished, sentenced to be used by public/avengers for sex? He is very traumatised and I remember I think it is Thor who is by Tony's bedside to apologise and explain what had happened.