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18 October 2015 @ 07:35 pm
Do you have any recs posts/journals that you would like others to know about? If so, leave a comment with a link to your masterpost/journal (it can be from sites other than livejournal), any pairings as long as it's avengers related (MCU or comics), and I will add them to this post. :)


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30 August 2016 @ 12:47 pm
hey are there any fics of tony and the avengers getting stuck in a cave or cave like place. which brings Afghanistan back to tony.
30 August 2016 @ 12:04 pm
I am looking for a fic about Tony being kidnapped and being held as sex slave. Avengers can not find him (or dont want to I dont remember) then Loki finds him and rescue him. Loki tells him to go home but Tony dont want others to see him being damaged like this (or something) and he stays with Loki on his own accord.

It starts as Loki accidentally stumbles in some slavery house (or something) and there are some men taking turns to rape Tony and in the mean time playing cards. They think he want to buy Tony and then there is the scene when Loki and Tony recignise each other Tony think Loki come to rape him too and try to kill himself with some tranquilizer shot which Loki found out later.

I know I read it somewhere but I cant to find it anywhere. I think it is not wery well known fic. Any clues?
29 August 2016 @ 10:31 pm
I'm looking for MCU canon based fics written by authors who are firmly in the adult age bracket. Speranza would be a great example of the demographic I'm looking for. Nothing against young authors. Some of them have written fantastic fics, and we all have to start somewhere. But, as someone who is well past college age, I get tired of reading fics where the characters are depicted as 10+ years younger than they actually are because the author doesn't have the life experience to realize that adult professionals wouldn't behave that way.

I prefer gen or Steve/Bucky--but anything other than Thor/Loki and Steve/Tony works for me.
30 August 2016 @ 01:30 pm
I was wondering if there are any fics involving the Avengers meeting the X-Men's version of Quicksilver, Peter Maximoff. I've read two good ones (Avengers v Being a Team (Take 2) series, and A Silver Lining (or, The Girl who Tore Holes in Reality)).

I was wondering if anyone knew any other good ones?
29 August 2016 @ 04:19 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a story with these plot points:

Bruce(?) found out that Tony had the Super Serum in his DNA & that started the search of how it came about:

During the search, found out that Steve had a male lover & Peggy outed the lover during the McCarthy(?) Trails. Steve was upset about it.

Maria Stark, when she was young, had been captured by Arnim Zola, injected with his Serum & impregnanted by Hydra soldiers. Howard Stark & Jarvis rescued her from there. She lost the baby during transcit & Howard buried the baby under the Stark name. She was locked in a cell by SHIELD(?) & Howard came to visit her & talked with her. Later she was released & married Howard & later had Tony.

Hope you find it,
Thanks for all the help.

      28 August 2016 @ 10:34 pm

      I've read  a lot of Stucky in which Steve is the big awesome hero and Bucky is the poor damaged tortured soul and it's really something I like to read...

      BUT: Sometimes I want to read the other way around!

      So my question: Are there stories outthere in which Bucky aka Winter Soldier saves the day (and Steve)? In which he is strong and a little bit bad ass but still loves Steve and does anything for him?

      Please tell me there are stories like this!

      Thanks in advanced!

      28 August 2016 @ 08:41 pm
      Hey, I'm looking for a fic I read a couple month ago. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3. It was a WIP at the time and I want to see if there is more now, but it seems I forgot to bookmark it/subscribe at the time and now I can't find it anymore...

      It was a High School AU. I remember all or most of the Avengers being in school together (incl. Wanda and Pietro, who might have been a couple?) and they don't like Tony. They are all going on a school camping trip together and some of the Avengers and Tony are supposed to share a tent, which the group doesn't like at all. At lunch Tony tries to get to know them and wants to sit with them, but they somehow start to fight and it escalates and someone punches Tony in the face. Instead of fighting back, Tony just gets up and leaves without a word.

      That's pretty much all I remember. It might have been Stony, but not sure. Any of this ring a bell?
      27 August 2016 @ 01:25 pm

      This is a bit of a strange request, but I've been trying to find this fic for days and at this point, I just want to know what it is. It's fun and funny and I don't remember anything about the plot--pay even have been a 5+1 things kind of fic or snippets in a collection from an author. The fic is Steve/Tony, pre Ultron, established relationship, and the scnee I remember is one where the team is sitting around playing a drinking game, Bucky is part of the team, I think, both Rhodey and Sam are there, and Clint asks a question about what would happen if Steve turned into a woman, and they have a small discussion about consent and then Clint asks whether Tony would be able to get fem!Steve off just by going down on her. Both Pepper and Steve say yes. Help, please?

      Thank you in advance,
      27 August 2016 @ 02:23 pm

      I was wondering if any of you could recommend any good fics for two categories.

      i) Natasha Romanoff / Tony Stark. I am not looking for polyamory fics, though. Fics can be where they know each other before the whole Superhero things occurred, Alternate Universe, etc.

      ii) Tony Stark/ Anyone (except Steve Rogers) where they have been married or dating steadily even before Iron Man and/or Avengers. I've read some Iron Falcon and Iron Panther fics of that sort and I'd really like to read more. If the Avengers finds out about them, bonus points. Oh, and Crossover fics are okay, too!

      Thanks y'all!
      27 August 2016 @ 03:56 pm
      Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good fics that revolve around Loki's death in Thor: The Dark World (or a death of his in general). I've been reading You've got a friend in me by boleyn13 on AO3 (which is set after his death from Loki's POV) and it got me wondering. Because apparently he did actually die in that scene (according to the writer I believe), so I was looking for any good fics that surround that concept. Thanks!

      Link for You've got a friend in me, if you want to read it. http://archiveofourown.org/works/3730363/chapters/8266999

      Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Bucky is found by SHIELD early in ca 1990, during the Cold War. Howard is still alive & Tony is a teenager. When Bucky is in an interrogation room/cell, Howard & Tony are watching Bucky behind a window. When Howard & Peggy are argue about how to make Bucky remember who he is, Tony snuck inside the cell & talks to Bucky.
      Bucky eventually remembers & becomes Tony’s bodyguard, later boyfriend. They find Steve later. And Natasha is there in the fic, also. I think the final pairing is Bucky/Tony/Steve.
      Hope you can find this fic for me,
      Thank you

      24 August 2016 @ 06:35 am
      Hi! I joined this site to help me find fanfictions when I lose them, and I lost an Avengers fanfic that I really liked a while ago. I believe it was an AU. I can't remember where it was posted. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

      Okay, so in the story, Steve is woken up in the middle of the night by his phone ringing. Thinking that it is Maria going into labor with her and Natasha's baby, he hurries to pick up. But it's only some stranger (Tony) who is suffering from insomnia and dialed the wrong number. Steve and Tony then become texting buddies and friends, but haven't met in person.

      I think Steve works at an arts and crafts shop as well, if that helps. Thank you for all your help!
      23 August 2016 @ 01:08 am
      I'm looking for a specific set of drawings, probably done for Bucky's birthday although possibly for Sebastian Stan's instead? (I can't remember clearly which of the two the description mentioned!)

      It was a series of panels starting with modern day Bucky remembering when pre-serum Steve brought him birthday cake that was then shoved into Bucky's face, next was him regarding a beaming big Steve bearing cake with suspicion. Steve just continues to offer him that piece, then the final panel was Sam bringing & smushing cake into Bucky's face.

      It was possibly on either tumblr or twitter, although searching both hasn't turned anything up. Anyone recognise it?
      22 August 2016 @ 01:41 pm
      hey guys look for a fic, though i had it bookmarked but cant find it and cant remember the name.

      its like missing secens from ironman 1 rhodey rescues tony from afganistan, i know there are a few of these but what i can remember from the one im looking for is, there is a General his name is saunders or something asking tony question, tony snaps and breaks a chair and rhodey walks in, they then sedated and restrain tony and send him back to his room where he convinces rhodey to lossen the restraints, he then breaks free even tho he sedated and doped up while rhodey goes to get him water. Rhodey finds him brings him back. theres more to it than thay but i just remember that bit well. Anyone know what im looking for.

      does this ring any bells, I'm going crazy searching for it
      22 August 2016 @ 08:58 pm
      Hi! I read this story a bit ago and now I can't find it again. It was a Harry Potter is Loki's son fic. Basically Loki's been with Harry since he was younger - Loki's been keeping him hidden and secret on Midgard and just being an awesome dad in general (despite Odin's A+ parenting). Harry is in Slytherin and friends with Draco? Hermione is a Ravenclaw as well I'm pretty sure. Loki was mind controlled as well for the Avengers thing and I think his other kids (Fenris, Hela etc.) come into the mix as well, and that's all I really remember. I hope someone can track this fic down for me, it was really very good! Written beautifully. And any other good fics of this sort wouldn't hurt to have a look at either, if anyone would suggest any. Thanks much!

      Heres the link if you want to read it:


      21 August 2016 @ 08:35 pm
      I'm looking for a series or maybe just for long story about Clint Barton on fanfiction.net. Is was about 17 chapters and all I can remember is Barton given injections like a death row inmate (sorry I not intending to offend anyone by talking about this subject). They were able to rescue him but had to do emergency intubation on the quinjet. Please help if you can. Thanks!
      21 August 2016 @ 12:21 pm
      Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago. I'm pretty sure it is WIP and hasn't been updated recently. In the fic, Tony dies at the end of Civil War, but Steve doesn't know that until Pepper calls him or he sees a news bulletin saying Tony Stark is missing. He and Bucky go back to Siberia and find Tony's rotting dead body. I don't remember what happens next, but if someone could find it, that would be awesome.

      Please and thank you!
      Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Thor loses his memories(right after being banished to Midgard I think) and when Loki visits to tell him that Odin is dead and he is king, finds out and takes Thor to another world where he can't be reached by anybody else. Loki tricks Thor into thinking that he rescued him and I think they become lovers. Eventually Loki lets Thor go/tells him the truth (I can't remember which) and Thor goes back to Asgard. There may have been an epilogue where Loki and Thor reconcile but I can't quite recall how it happens.

      Any help is much appreciated!
      21 August 2016 @ 01:40 pm
      I'm looking for fics where Tony becomes harder, distant, vengeful etc after he is left for dead by Steve and Bucky. I've read a couple but I'm sure there must be any more I've missed. I especially like the fic that shows Steve up for the self centred, stupid idiot he really is.
      21 August 2016 @ 02:31 pm
      Hey guys!

      I'm searching for a Stony Fanfic, don't know if it exists.

      Is there a fanfic where Tony wants to help Steve to date women (maybe making him a womanizer) but falls in love with him?

      Like I said, don't know if something like that exists, but maybe you can help me. :)

      21 August 2016 @ 05:16 am
      Hi! I joined this community because I keep losing Avengers fics and can't find them when I want to re-read them. This one I read about 2 to 3 weeks ago and can't seem to find again. I'm almost sure it's post-CACW, though it might be post-AoU, was on AO3 and incomplete. Here's the gist of the plot:

      Tony is exiled to Switzerland(?) as punishment by the government who also try to seize SI and all his assets. They fail only because Tony has signed over everything to his younger brother. Turns out he was adopted and Howard, unsatisfied with an ordinary genius for a son, created a genetically-engineered son that he made sure would be perfect, a genius who educated to be the perfect businessman, programmer and engineer. Steve pushed through a further punishment that prohibited Tony from having access to any technology that you couldn't find in a chain computer store, the only exceptions being the bots and JARVIS, for five years. The brother (I can't remember the name) sent Tony off with enough money to let him set up a simple tech repair shop and live on for a few months and was left trying to fill Tony's shoes, at SI and with Avengers as Iron Man. As it happens, little brother may be smarter and the perfect businessman but that doesn't mean he can do everything that Tony did. After just two years, his inability to keep up with all the demands Tony had had on his time become apparent.

      That is all I remember of the story other than it was really well-written and I hope someone here recognizes it because I really liked it and mean to bookmark it. If anyone can think of other adopted!Tony or exiled!Tony fics they'd like to rec, I would love to read them. Thanks! Happy Reading, everyone!
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      21 August 2016 @ 11:53 am

      I'm looking for a fic that i think was of ao3 but I'm not sure.

      Tony hates the cold ever since Afghanistan and Steve assumes that he is making fun of him when he wears loads of layers in winter.

      Thanks. Sorry for the lack of details.
      I wondered if there was a totally Gen fic where Tony and Steve ended up switching bodies. Just with only those two switching bodies as opposed to all the Avengers body swapping. I feel like I came across just a few Tony & Steve bodyswaps but they were slash.
      Appreciate it
      Hello! I'm looking for some good fanfics where Loki was mind controlled or the like. Any type! I don't mind! I'm a bit new to this, so send any and all - thanks much!