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Darcy steve story, maybe oneshot?

Hello. So there's a story that was I think on A03 that was Steve and Darcy as a pairing. I remember it mentioned that Steve and Darcy started dating but that Darcy started dressing as a girl from the 30s, Steve's kinda girl. They go on dates and become a couple and in the story Steve at first is annoyed because he feels that Darcy is trying to take Peggy's place. Darcy starts to lose weight, dress only in 1930s era clothing and starts doubting that Steve even cares for her. I remember one scene where there both on a date walking down the street together and Steve mentions people stare at Darcy because she's so beautiful in her 1930s outfit. Towards the end of the story Darcy and Steve are having sex and Darcy starts crying during it because she feels that Steve's only with her because she reminds him of Peggy and she feels he wants to maybe hurt her for it. Steve reveals that early on in the relationship he felt that way but he came to love Darcy as herself. It ends where they are going to start over? During the story I remember Jane being worried about Darcy changing herself for Steve. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. I've been searching for it for ages.
Tags: pairing: steve/darcy

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