Ellianna Stewart (jitterbug5) wrote in avengers_search,
Ellianna Stewart

Can't find this fic!

Basically, Ross comes for Bruce and he brings a small army of mercenaries to the tower. Tony gets pissed,obviously, and the Avengers are shocked when Tony is all evil, threatening Ross, saying he would kill Betty Ross. Ross tries to call his bluff and Toby calls Betty, makes all her electronic stuff go crazy....then Ross says Tony couldn't kill anyone. One of Ross's men step forward on command and Tony shoots them. Ross and his men practically piss themselves and run away. The Avengers are all freaked and confused at seeing this side of Tony. Turned out Tony knew Ross was coming and called up an actor friend of his to play the soldier he 'shot' and that he and Betty were working together and acting, just making a bunch of noise, turning her blender on.

If anyone could find this, or has a copy it would be appreciated.

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