stereklover321 (stereklover321) wrote in avengers_search,

Clint Badass Fic's

Hey I had a great idea for a Fic and was wondering if there is any Fic's out there that is similar to my idea. My idea is a Fic based on Clint being badass and the avenger team getting captured by Clint's big evil brother and Clint is forced to fight in a fighting ring to save his friends. If there is any Fic's like this or similar please let me know, thanks x
Tags: character: clint barton, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, genre: humor, genre: hurt/comfort, theme: abuse, theme: age difference, theme: clint (bamf), theme: clint (hurt), theme: friendship, theme: team (protective), theme: team!fic

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