kawherp (kawherp) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for a Steve Rogers fanfic.

I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net. The story focused on Steve after his wife Natasha died in his arms on a mission. The other avengers, if memory serves, are also retired or aging. Steve retired from being Captain America and joined a special forces/military group under a new name. I think Maria Hill helped him set up his new alias. I can't be sure about that. But Steve's tent mate recognized him and they talked a bit once after a day of drills in the mud. He was really what Steve needed to hear that day. Steve had Nat's symbol on his dog tag chain, nestled between his own tags. In a few days, Steve sacrificed himself on a final mission since he was in charge and they were pinned down. Steve ordered them out and he ended up dying as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. He was ready to go, though. After his death, it was revealed it was really Steve Rogers who had been back in the armed forces and made that sacrifice play. They interviewed his tent mate and the press wanted the tent mate to spill the goods on their conversation, but he refused out of respect for Steve. I want to read it again and can’t remember the title or author. I cannot Find It no matter how much I look. It is making me nuts.

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