Tiara123458 (dreamrunner_3) wrote in avengers_search,

Specific Fic, Alternate!Tony, Pre Civil-War

Hey guys! Looking for a specific fic.

Alright, so I've read this one fic (on AO3, I believe) and it has a Tony from an alternate dimension coming in (Reed Richards, I think?) and Other!Tony is telling the avengers stories from his childhood. In Other!Tony's childhood though, Howard Stark was actually a good father, and so he's telling fun stories about Howard being a good dad, and Tony is stewing in jealousy and hurt.

Shortly after one of Other!Tony's stories, the avengers are all like, "Howard sounds so cool. Why do you always complain about him Tony? Guess you really are just a spoiled brat." and Tony ends up ranting at the avengers about some of the things Howard did (I think one of them was that he pressed glass into Tony's hands? May be mixing that part up with another fic though), and the fic ends with Tony leaving the room with a bitter "Guess that holds true for all the universes. I hate Tony Stark." (The wording is probably mixed up a bit though.)


Alternate Tony comes in, tells story about childhood. Howard is good to Other!Tony. Avengers are like "Tony, what are you complaining for" and Tony tells them some of what happened.

Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific), theme: abuse, theme: tony (abused), theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (insecure)

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