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Looking for Post-CACW Fic Tony-centric


As above, I am looking for a Tony-centric, post-CACW Post-Avengers Assemble fic that I read on AO3 a few weeks months ago. Foolishly, I forgot to bookmark it.

Tony is mostly in his workshop, possibly avoiding the rest of the Avengers. Somehow a portal opens in the workshop and a Tony from another universe is on the other side. Tony interacts with him, comparing universes and discovers that Other!Tony is happier in his universe. The Other!Team are all different from Tony’s team, and he finds he’s a little jealous of Other!Tony.

Anyway, towards the end of the fic Tony is more miserable on his side, either because Steve and the others are back or other reasons I can’t remember. Tony then finds out that something has happened to Other!Tony and the Other!Team want Tony to come over to their universe. The end is basically Tony packing up FRIDAY and the bots and taking them with him to the other universe.

Hope that’s enough details for someone to recognise the fic!

Thanks in advance for any Help!

Edit: Fic found! Please see the comments for the link. It’s part of a collection of one-shots. I’ve also added tags, as I forgot those when I initially posted.
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: au, theme: tony (hurt)

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