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Cap dresses down IM for not following orders...gets proven wrong

I've had this in my head for the last several days and can't figure out what story it's from. Is this familiar to anyone? The team is out on a city (NY?) street fighting the bad guys of the day and Iron Man goes out of position with no warning. I think he covers Natasha or plucks her up off the sidewalk, just before a huge explosion. Someone may have been hurt. Cap lays into Tony, putting the blame of any injuries on him and refusing to listen to anything Tony has to say in explanation. Stark spends the next few days setting up his own version of a holodeck, going over and over the scenario, trying to figure out what went wrong or what could have been done better. I think it was something about a whole building falling on part of the team, killing them, if Tony hadn't acted in that split second.
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, theme: tony (overworked)

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