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I'm looking for a fic on ao3, where Steve has been distant from Tony, but they 'sort it out' the night before Tony's birthday. However, the next day, the team forgets it's his birthday, and instead celebrate Bucky's birthday. 

I can't really remember, but I think Bucky makes Tony feel really bad during breakfast time, and Tony ends up staying in the workshop, not really doing anything. One of the chapters is when Steve makes Tony come out of the workshop to give Bucky a birthday present, but Tony never had one so he gave Bucky a gun that he made for Natasha. At the party, Bucky didn't seem to like his present, and the Avengers left without Tony. I think Tony had to go and clean a load of wrapping paper???

On one of the later chapters, Tony works out the connection between Bucky, Hydra and Wanda, due to seeing a red mist in a security footage collection showed to him by JARVIS. 

Please help me find this fic- I've been looking for it for ages!

Edit: Thank you so much for finding this for me. The fic is called 'The Day they all Forgot', and is by 'TonyStark941'. The link is below.


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