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The Avengers and friends outside of work seen from others' point of view

Happy new year, all, and let me start out with some recommendations. The first is called The Book Throwing Thing, written by AdamantSteve. The owner of a small coffee shop talks about two of his regular customers, Phil and Clint. (This is before and after the Battle of New York.) The second story is by ShippersList, called Safety Nest. A bit after the Battle of New York, a woman who owns a knitting cafe welcomes in a well-built young man who soon becomes a regular customer, falling asleep in a comfortable chair after she presses coffee and soup on him. After a bit a trio of "customers" start dropping in on separate days, seeming not pay any attention to the sleeping man: a blond man with a sketch book, a slender red-headed woman who attempts a scarf but doesn't know how to knit, and a man who looks like a professor. She also stops receiving any bills and learns that Tony Stark has bought the building. The third recommendation is a series called Callahan's Crosstown Diner written by cakeisnotpie. It's a multi POV tale, told from all the employees of the diner of their view of not only the Avengers but just about all of Marvel shows. All of these are found at Archive of Our Own. And with that out of the way -- after you read and I hope enjoyed the stories -- I hope you can recommend similar stories for me to read. Stories that I've missed of others' views and experience with the Avengers and family, Coulson and his team, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Guardians, etc. Any new ones along that line that will become new favorites. Thanks.
Tags: character: betty ross, character: bruce banner, character: bucky, character: clint barton, character: darcy lewis, character: fury, character: harley keener, character: james rhodes, character: jane foster, character: maria hill, character: natasha romanov, character: pepper potts, character: peter parker, character: phil coulson, character: sam wilson, character: stephen strange, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, crossover: marvel, genre: crossover/fusion, genre: gen, genre: het, genre: humor, genre: modern!au

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