nifenrir (nifenrir) wrote in avengers_search,

looking for post civil war where tony isn't a pushover

hi, i m looking for 2 particular fics for which i couldn't remember the titles, pretty sure they are on Ao3, would appreciate info from anyone who happened to come accross these exact scenarios

1. After the civil war, the ex avengers manage to get pardoned, but they were not very popular so the president(or un officials cant remember) wants tony to speak up in the media to support steve or they would remove tony from leadership of the new avengers, tony holds a press conference but instead of speaking for steve, he told everyone what the UNofficials tried to make him do, (which steve thinks is proving his point about the accords but he wasn't quite happy abt tony being cold towards him)

2. Not sure if its from the same fic or different fic, Tchalla asks tony to come to wakanda using some excuse about business, tony meets the avengers there, later when tchalla is questioned on why he sheltered the avengers, he tries to use this incident to throw tony under the bus but tony is able to prove he was there only because tchalla said it was business
Tags: character: tony stark

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