Merrytaggg (Merrytaggg) wrote in avengers_search,

AU IM3 and Tony taking over the world, tag request

Hi! I'm loooking for two things :)

1) Specific long Tony-centric AU fic, possibly Tony/Bucky. In the part with Iron Man 3 alternative retelling, Maya comes to Malibu house earlier with the gift of potted plant (little extremis tree) for dinner. Then Killian comes too, they fight him and try to blow him up with the tree.

I'm also interested in other alternative IM3, like Maya or Avengers helping against AIM.

2)Fics where Tony accidentaly (or not) takes over the world with his awesomeness. It may or may not contain anti-team Cap or anti-avengers sentiments. Like 'Enough rope' by Amber_and_Ash or 'The War is Far From Over Now' by Dont_call_me_Carrie.

Also: please please add Tony/Bucky tag.
Tags: !tag requests, character: bucky, character: tony stark, genre: au, movie: iron man, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: civil war, theme: iron man 3, theme: tony (bamf)

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