nanoquill (nanoquill) wrote in avengers_search,

Specific Not-Wanda-Friendly Fic, Wanda On Trial? -Found!


I've been binging Team Iron Man fics on AO3 for the last few week or so, and now I can't remember which fic had what.

The fic I want help finding has a scene where Wanda is on trial (I think?) and the fact that she used her powers on Tony and was indirectly responsible for the creation of Ultron comes up - it has Wanda saying about how the Hydra scientists who studied the staff all went insane, so she made Tony take the staff so he'd go insane. It was made pretty clear that she chose not to kill him because she wanted the staff to torture him.

This may or may not be the fic where there's in-universe footage of Wanda and Pietro working under Ultron, and it's used in her trial.
Tags: character: wanda maximoff, search: fic (specific)

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