ladyhatshepsut wrote in avengers_search

JARVIS returns; and Jarvis returns

Hi, all.  I'm looking for any stories where Edwin Jarvis/JARVIS, either one, returns to Tony's life.  Specific examples that I can't seem to re-find at the moment are Mr. Jarvis, living in retirement, decides to come and take care of Master Anthony again, bringing a younger apprentice along who's an excellent cook.  Another story, dealing with JARVIS this time, has him come back into Tony's life through the machines/experiments of a group of young scientists whom Stark is mentoring.  There are also stories I've seen in passing where JARVIS comes back through a will hidden (and maybe forgotten) server farm, taking some time to piece himself together and be strong enough to reach out to Sir again.  And I'd like any other story that has Jarvis come back to Tony.  (There's even one called "Primary Protocol" where Loki comes back and gives Tony a boon for being honorable to him during their battle by giving JARVIS a human body.)


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