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Looking for a WinterIron fic

I read this one fic where Bucky wants to date Tony, and Tony warns him that he's really busy and can't guarantee that he'll be a good boyfriend. Bucky says he doesn't mind, since he can't see himself as being a particularly clingy person, but eventually he does start to resent the fact that he almost never sees Tony. Mostly, I remember one scene where he's moping about that with Sam and Steve, I think they're in the gym, and Sam and Steve agree that it's kind of suckish of Tony to not try harder to make time for Bucky, when Bucky was making time to attend work event with Tony, like dinners and such. When Bucky admits that he actually hasn't attended any said work events, Sam and Steve point out that that's rather unfair of him. Bucky isn't really too comfortable with the idea of going to such densely populated events, but admits that never seeing Tony is partly his own fault if he never takes Tony up on his open invitation to go with him to those things. And that's about where my memory fails. I vaguely remember that Bucky feels guilty when he does attend and sees that Tony looks really relieved/happy to see him there but apparently he had never pushed Bucky about attending before because he knew those kinds of things made Bucky uncomfortable, but I don't remember anything else... Please help :(
Tags: character: bucky, character: tony stark

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