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Tony supports his battle decisions in the simulator afterward

There's one story I can't find, but I'd like any other story with this scenario. Tony does something, makes some moves in the midst of battle that either wasn't ordered by the Captain or went against Cap's order. Rogers doesn't care about Tony's reasoning, doesn't care that maybe Tony saw something or knew something he didn't, he proceeds to dress him down like an unruly child. Stark was disobedient and that all that counts. So Tony goes to his lab space for a day or two and when he invites the team in he's constructed a computerized simulation of the battle, showing them the widespread death that would have occurred if he had not acted. The one I recall was something about a car bomb that would have taken Natasha out and collapsed at least one building on the team.

Another good example of what I'm looking for (I know I have this story, just can't recall the title at the moment.) has Clint getting hit with a spell or ray of some sort that has him hearing everyone else's thoughts. Just as a battle is over they discover a bomb (nuke?) in a nearby building ready to explode. Tony takes it up high and tosses it where it explodes over water. Cap is ready to dress him down when Clint speaks up. He'd heard Tony's faster-then-lightning calculations of percentages of safety on what moves to make, who had the best chance of surviving, etc. So, no, Iron Man was not thoughtless or careless in his actions, he had everything figured out in a second or two.
Tags: character: natasha romanov, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, theme: team!fic, theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (competent)

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