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Clint/Coulson Injured Clint, Extended Leave

Hopefully this doesn't post twice. I'm looking for a Clint/Coulson fic where Clint is injured and is going to be in medical for an extended period of time. Coulson goes to the nurse to get a form for extended leave for being with a partner and asks for a cot to be brought in as well. The nurse is familiar with Clint and Coulson, but I think they weren't too overly open about their relationship. 2 junior agents were close by and Phil thinks it won't be long before the Sheild rumor mill is going full force. He goes back to Clint's room and the story is about Phil just being in medical with Clint as Clint recovers. At one point, Clint tells Phil he can go back to work, but Phil tells him this is more important. Any help would be amazingly appreciated. This is starting to drive me crazy not being able to find it. Thanks in advance!
Tags: pairing: clint/coulson, theme: clint (hurt)

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