Katie (fantasysci5) wrote in avengers_search,

Tony/Bruce Tony bets he can seduce Bruce?

Hello! Long shot, but I'm looking for a Tony/Bruce fic I read awhile ago. I'm pretty sure it's a high school au where Tony is talking with some people and bets he can seduce anyone, and they bet he can't seduce Bruce. All I remember is Tony trying to offer Bruce a ride home to try and strike up something, and Bruce is having none of it. But they eventually get together and then Bruce overhears Tony and the people talking about the bet, but by this time Tony really does care for him. That's about all I can remember, but I'm dying to read it again. Ring any bells for anyone?
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: tony stark, pairing: bruce/tony, search: fic (specific), theme: high school

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