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Two Steve/Bucky Fics

Hi All!

I am looking for two specific stories:

1. Bucky Barnes is the Winter Solider, but Steve is a normal citizen. What I remember is that there is a "soulbond" (magic that binds someone to the will of another) that Pierce uses to control Bucky. However, he keeps becoming more violent/unpredictable. He meets Steve on a mission and responds well to him, so his handlers kidnap Steve and then use Steve to help calm the Soldier down when he is uncontrollable.

2. Bucky and Steve have been controlled by Hydra for a long time (I think Steve had been brainwashed, or lost his memory and they only have each other) and finally escape, after which they go on a rampage taking out as many Hydra facilities as possible. Eventually, they are cornered by Shield in a building (they have two women hostage, accidentally I think), and Natasha brokers their surrender. I remember that Bucky is very protective of Steve as they are arrested and taken for interrogation. While they are being held by Shield, they are allowed to write letters to each other and Bucky always refers to him as "Captain."

Any thoughts?

Thank you all so much!
Tags: pairing: steve/bucky

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