luv4uncas (luv4uncas) wrote in avengers_search,

Steve/darcy story

Hello. This is a story in which Steve and Darcy meet each other after both of them are kidnapped by hydra. They are kidnapped almost immediately when the fanfiction story begins. They are being held captive and forced to sleep together by hydra I believe in order to have a baby. Neither of them want to but they are threatened and Darcy gets very upset and scared so Steve convinces her to go through with it with him so they don't hurt her which he feels aweful about. They end up doing as they are forced to and Steve takes care of Darcy while in captivity. I believe they manage to escape and Steve keeps looking out for Darcy. I believe they start a relationship and do their best to keep out of hydras hands with help from the avengers. I think Darcy does end up getting pregnant from hydras insistence while they are in captivity. Thus their need to escape quickly once this occurs. I never finished this story and have been trying to desperately find it again. Please, any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
Tags: character: darcy lewis, character: steve rogers, pairing: steve/darcy

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