deathwolfkitten (deathwolfkitten) wrote in avengers_search,

Avengers take turns making dinner

I read this fic a while back where the Avengers all live in the tower (post avengers 1, ignoring AoU) and they rotate who makes dinner each week. Except for Tony because he already does so much for the team that they don't include him on the roster and so he feels left out. He and Steve talk and Tony makes dinner that week for the team and he's pretty good at it too. Tony also has to go grocery shopping for the first time and it's a lot. Clint at the end of the week decides to offer to do the grocery shopping if Tony will take his week of cooking 'cause Clint cannot cook and Tony seems to enjoy it.

That's all I remember about this fic. PLEASE HELP. It is killing me that I cannot find it.

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