J. Valentyne (jackvalentyne) wrote in avengers_search,
J. Valentyne

Roadtrip Steve

Hi all! I am delurking hoping someone might be able to help me find a fanfic I read of Ao3 a little while back. I remember that Steve was on a roadtrip on his motorcycle. The scene that stands out to me is that he got pulled over by the highway patrol for not having a helmet. The two police officers made the connection that he was Captain America, but before that, they connected him with some sort of war. From what I remember, one or both of the officers had done a tour of duty in Iraq and recognized some minor PTSD symptoms in Steve. I'm pretty sure it's not "It Will Probably Accelerate", but I might be wrong. Any help would be absolutely amazing!
Tags: character: steve rogers, theme: road trip

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