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Winter Soldier mission/kicking ass fics?

Free falling straight into a heavily established fandom like MCU is super scary and totally daunting… But I need fic!

What I’m hoping to find:

Some sort of epic Winter Soldier mission fic. Maybe he’s still with HYDRA, or maybe it’s an AU or a flashback fic to missions Natasha mentioned. Just something where he’s out KICKING ASS! (Eyeliner/warpaint preferable 😉 )

Any fics out there about him making a life for himself in Romania and dealing with HYDRA or Russian threats. Kicking ass as a good-ish guy while trying to put himself back together.

Basically anything dark and gritty; violent and dangerous, with slightly less kicked puppy mindset. While I looooove all the Bucky emotional pain fics, I wanna see him calculating and resourceful and relentless. With knives… LOL.

Obviously, if chaptered fics, my preference would be for it to be complete.

Totally cool with slash and Stucky, though I'm more about the action and Bucky centric than Steve.

I WILL NOT read:

Own female characters (omg, thought Mary Sue died years ago…)

Damsel in Distress Bucky fics. You all know the ones… While I do love some protective Steve, and some severely beaten and in need of help Bucky, if Bucky is running around crying and is constantly weak/needing to be rescued, then I’m just not interested.

Got my fingers crossed for this.
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