2cookie1wizard (2cookie1wizard) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for 3 fics, Thanos Loki Trial, Magic Users flee and Loki coma, Kid tony not talking

1st fic- Thanos is in control of Loki during his trial, the avengers are there, Thanos reveals he is controlling Loki and Tony builds a thing in a few minutes that makes Thanos leaves Loki's body and thats all I remember.

2nd fic- Loki is in a coma from something Odin did and his magic was ripped from him or something, magic users (specifically women) fled to norway or something and the avengers came to investigate and yea.

3rd fic- Tony is turned into a kid and has all his memories still but the avengers don't know because he won't talk so think he's lost his adult memories but Tony isn't talking because his voice is squeky as is embarrased.

Update: Hey thanks all of you, if any else wants to read them theyre all in the comments! Thanks you three.

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