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Couple Clint/Coulson fics I'm looking for

So I've been looking for these fics for a while and still can't find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1) Phil and Clint are in a sub/dom relationship and when Clint doesn't kill Natasha and disappears with her and then recruits her, Phil is scared of losing Clint. After they bring Natasha in, Phil punishes Clint by having him keep a plug in for the day they are in debriefing and Clint thinks something about Natasha looks at him and knows he is going through something, even if she doesn't know exactly what it is. At the end of the day, Phil takes Clint to the bathroom and has him squat over the tub and then removes the plug and then has Clint clean the tub. Phil talks to Clint afterwards about how he was scared he was going to lose him.

2) While on a mission, Phil is captured to allow Clint and Natasha to get away. Phil is poisoned and Clint rescues him and Natasha is backup for them. Clint gets Phil out of where he was being held and Phil isn't doing very good and throws up and Clint tells the crowd around them on the street something about bad food, and then Natasha shows up to help them. I remember Phil was starting to have a hard time breathing and then got him to medical assistance and Phil made it.

3) Clint/Phil fic Clint draws a picture of a cock and balls on Phil's desk with shaving cream I think the first time. He does it again when Phil and he are in a dom/sub relationship and Phil makes Clint re-do all the paperwork that was ruined on his desk and then has Clint lick his desk clean.

4) Clint and Phil are in a relationship and Phil thinks Clint is going to break up with him, but it turns out Clint was trying not to be too needy and had in fact made rules for himself including not staying the night very often, not initiating too many things, etc. Clint had been told in previous relationships that he was too needy and was trying not to be that way with Phil because he wanted to keep Phil around as long as he could.

5) Last one! This one is again a dom/sub fic for Phil/Clint. At one point Phil talks about using a whip or a cane on Clint and Clint says no and safe words out, saying he doesn't do that. Near the end of the story, Clint brings Coulson a belt or something like that and lets Coulson hit him and Coulson loses himself and Clint safe words, but Coulson stops and it is okay. I feel like it was a chapter or two from a larger fic and the chapter was called the time they got it wrong or something like that..,


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