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Alpha Tony/Omega Clint

I’ve posted this awhile ago and I still can’t seem to find it. I’ve looked everywhere. If someone can help me find it on the way back machine that would be awesome.

Tony and Clint are in a relationship. Tony wakes up and looks at Clint and thinks he’s beautiful and in the story he describes how Clint looks in the sunlight that is coming in from the window. When Clint wakes up Tony decides that since he doesn’t have work he can jumpstart Clint’s heat. Clint argues that he needs to go to work today even though that Tony doesn’t. They argue back and forth until Tony uses his saliva to start Clint’s heat. Clint does resist at first, but he eventually gives in. Clint’s annoyed, but he tells Tony that he better take care of him. That’s all I remember, I hope someone can finally help me.

If someone one has this fic can you send it to me
It would be amazing if someone could find this fanfic, I’ve been looking a long time for it. Thank you 😊
Tags: character: clint barton, character: tony stark, genre: angst, kink: alpha/beta/omega, kink: dirty talk, pairing: clint/tony, search: fic (specific), theme: bond, theme: domestic avengers, theme: flirting, theme: relationship

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