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Two stories: Ace!Tony and Dad!Bucky

Hi guys. I'm slowly going bonkers looking for those two. I could swear I saved them to fic folder, but I can't find them, so...

1  - Tony doesn't actually like sex, but is used to putting out on the  first date for anyone who wants it. Then he goes on a date with Steve,  invites him to his room afterwards, and is baffled when Steve only wants  a kiss goodbye.

2 - FOUND! "Old Lullabies" by Chaya. - Bucky/Winter Soldier finds a black baby boy  in a dumpster. He and Steve end up adopting him, and the rest of the  story are snapshots of the boy growing up with the coolest set of aunts  and uncles imaginable. The scene I remember in most detail is when they  take the boy to a toy store and tell him to pick one toy. The boy can't  decide between two dolls, and while he keeps hesitating, some a-hole  sneers about gay men rising a gay child. Steve springs up from a crouch  and turns angrily, and is surprised when the man runs away like a scared  little trash he is. (Bucky has a good laugh at Steve's confusion).

Is this familiar to anybody? Thanks.

Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, pairing: steve/bucky, pairing: tony/steve, theme: bucky (protective), theme: kid!fic

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