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The Avengers are drugged into violence, attack Spider-Man in the tower

The posting by anniestella a couple days ago got me to thinking about a story where the Avengers (and maybe everybody else in Avengers/Stark Tower?) was affected by a drug made to kick in violent or homicidal tendencies and lower inhibitions (maybe through a mist sprayed into the towers air system?). Spider-Man comes to the tower just as the reactions are beginning, or just a little bit after, and gets trapped inside, doing his best to avoid the rest of the team and save himself from further beatings while trying not to hurt his friends. I do recall reading this story, but I guess I didn't save it, because I can't seem to find it in my files and I can't recall title or author (as usual).

Any other story with a similar storyline would be welcome, too. I have the untitled story that some Anon post at Avengerkink in 2011 where Thor, Clint, and Steve get exposed to some sort of aphrodisiac in a warehouse and violently gang rape Tony, who wasn't affected, being in is suit. And there is esama's #standbylegion posted at AO3 in 2016 where hundred of billions, worldwide, are driven to kill by a signal sent out by a popular phone/computer chip, including everyone in the tower. Any other story with a similar storyline would be welcome.

(I'm afraid I'm in a very bad/violent/depressed/pissed off mood right now. My year long plans to Greyhound it to my home city for a week of 60th birthday/July 4 celebration just got murdered by a fractured ankle and I looking for a bit of extreme violence on the page before I act out and throw my crutches through a window.)
Tags: genre: angst, genre: dark!fic, theme: abuse, theme: mind control, theme: non-con, theme: noncon/rape, theme: tony (hurt), theme: torture

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