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Hi guys,

I can't find this fic to save my life and I'm desperate to read it again:

I'm hunting for a chaptered fic. It starts with Steve and Clint having crashed (been shot down?) in the jungle (South America?). It's alternating POV, Clint drags Steve out of the jet and hides him by a waterfall because they're being hunted down by some men. Clint is injured too. We find out it's a result of a  mission gone wrong at some sort of compound where Clint disobeys orders. Later in the fic, Clint collapses and Steve finds a small village and a woman takes care of him. The men eventually catch up to Clint and Steve, Steve is kidnapped to be sold, Clint is left for dead. The rest of the avengers find Clint, Clint is badly injured but desperate to help save Steve. The team sends in Bruce Banner to act as Steve's "buyer", but things go wrong.


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