OfTheDamned (bythedamned) wrote in avengers_search,

Stucky AUs that are really AU

Hello you lovely people - I'm extremely new to this fandom, but realized pretty quickly that I live for Steve/Bucky. I've found a lot of really great fics that focus on post-Hydra!Bucky discovering himself, finding/being found by Steve, and eventually becoming functional enough for a romantic relationship, but for some reason it seems like ALL the Stucky fics I find follow that formula.

Can anyone rec some good Stucky that deviates more from the MCU canon? Whether it's canon-compliant but set in the 30s/40s, or only one of them went to war, or gender!swap or a moderntimes AU, I'm just looking for Stucky in a new setting and AUs that are even more AU. Thank you everyone for helping a new fangirl out :)
Tags: genre: au, genre: canon!au, pairing: steve/bucky

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