Taryn Cook (Taryn Cook) wrote in avengers_search,
Taryn Cook
Taryn Cook

Loki/OC that I NEED to find

So i hope im doing this right, im new and this is all,very confusing.

The fic that i am looking for was when loki took a girl from Stuggart during Avengers. He won the battle of New York. The girl was practically used as a sex slave but was also his queen at the same time? I remember that because sje wanted to spare a random group of people's life that Loki had sex with her and she wasnt allowed to fight him, then she had to go tell those people what their duties were while naked. Someone from that group of people called her a slut and a whore.

I think it was on Archive of our own. Please help me.

Tags: character: loki

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