palomo13 wrote in avengers_search

Looking for specific bruce centric capture fic - keywords drug collar, willing imprisonment

I'm looking for a bruce banner centric series. I believe I read it on AO3 and it had two stories. The first I remember little about but Bruce was eventually taken by some agency (shield or the military maybe?) and when the avengers came to free him he refused to leave, believing it would be better for the world if he was kept away. 

In the sequel Tony worked tirelessly to free him legally. They eventually won in court and bought his freedom but when they took him back to the tower he was still under legal obligation to be drugged at all times. I remember it was through a automated collar. 

Tony created a substitute for the drug that has no effects but was hard to detect as a fake and they spent the fic working to ween Bruce off the suppressant and fix the damage his time in containment had done. 

It may have been BrucexTony but I can't remember for sure. 


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