ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut) wrote in avengers_search,

An AU Steve Rogers shows up

I've read a story or two where Tony Stark is somehow transported to another universe where the Avengers are still together and still a tight unit (some are A/B/O), and totally shocked at how badly Tony (any Tony) was treated. And I read one the other day where the rogues are sparring in Wakanda and Wanda's magic throws Steve into a wall. When he wakes up some time later he has forgotten the last 2-3 years, forgetting that he and Tony are no longer a couple. (Don't request links please. If I can find said stories again I'll post. Otherwise, they're lost in the shuffle.)

I got to wondering if there were any stories where it was Cap who ended up in an AU where things were still good with the team and they didn't see Stark as nothing more than their bank, a fuck up, and a scapegoat. Or vice versa.
Tags: character: clint barton, character: natasha romanov, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, character: wanda maximoff, pairing: tony/steve, theme: tony (abused), theme: tony (hurt), theme: tony (insecure)

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