mojavepython wrote in avengers_search

Fanfic, Steve+Clint crash in jungle (pls help!!!!)

Hi guys!

I read a fic awhile ago, and I'm desperate to read it again, but I can't find it anywhere! It's a chaptered fic, I'm 99% sure it was either on Archive of Our Own or -- It starts off with Clint and Steve having crashed in the jungle (south america I think), Clint wakes up and drags an injured/unconscious Steve away from the wreckage and hides themselves behind a waterfall because they're being hunted. I think it had something to do with Clint messing up the mission he and Steve were on. Clint also has a leg injury that later gets infected, he and Steve stumble upon a small village where they try to help Clint. Due to the infection I think I also remember that Clint was having flashbacks to his childhood. The bad guys catch up with them, Steve sacrifices himself to save Clint, Clint is left behind for dead. The villain's intent is to sell Steve to the highest bidder, of course he is tortured in captivity because Steve angst. He tries to escape and is electrocuted on a fence. The rest of the team finds Clint, starts a rescue mission for Steve where they send in Bruce Banner to purchase Steve from the villain.


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