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Missing Fic?

I am missing a story about Peter Parker, being the 'son' of Steve Rogers. It was multi chapter and unfinished, also on AO3. In the description I remember there being a note about "Hydra Cap" no longer being a thing and that chapter updates were to resume shortly. The plot was about Peter being influenced by the Super Soldier Serum and it basically turned him into a post-SSS Steve with many health issues and development problems. Two highlighted was his fondness to crawling on the ground (even if he was in the age to walk) and sucking his fingers. 

Peter was young, it started in his viewpoint in a hospital after something happened (I think his parents died) and Peter was picked up by the avengers or specifically Natasha. When he gets to Steve I remember Steve asking him how he was but Peter instead replies "She can drive with her knees." 

One scene I remember clearly is Clint talking to Peter on the couch but he notices he isn't responding so he snaps is fingers by the ear directed to him and peter doesn’t respond, he does the same to the other side and then Peter looks up. Clint then turns around and calls to Steve that he thinks Peter is deaf. They then get him checked out by Bruce and he says that Peter is mostly deaf in one ear and some other complications he found.

Outside this scene Clint talks to Peter and complains good naturally about how Peter "aimed his bad ear to him" on purpose. Clint asks "Do you know what this means?" and Peter responds "Deaf Club?" 

Thanks for the help! I remember so much about this fic and yet I can't find it, I hope it wasn't deleted!!


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