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Tony rejects Steve recs, BAMF Tony without the Avengers recs, and a Butler Jarvis fic

I'm looking for ANY recs where Tony rejects Steve, and they don't end up together.

It could be Steve realize he likes Tony. Tony isn't interested for any reason. He's dating someone else (T'challa, Bruce Wayne, Doctor Stranger, another avenger, anyone), Steve is an asshole, Tony's done with the Avengers, Tony won't date the guy who kept his parents murder a secret. Or even just Steve isn't Tony's type, (would really love these because I have never found one.)

I'm okay with Slash, Het (genderbend Tony), Gen. Whatever.

I DON'T want Tony realize his loss/belongs with Steve after rejection fics

I would also like any BAMF Tony after leaving the avengers/never joining the avengers/time travel recs

TOny Stark has always been my favorite character. Team Iron man all the way

Finally i'm looking for a fic where Edwin jarvis, who still alive, learns that Obadiah had Tony kidnapped. Jarvis tortures Obadiah and kills him as a warning to anyone who tries to harm his family. I think he was married to Maria Stark in this.
Tags: character: jarvis, character: obadiah stane, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: gen, genre: post-avengers, movie: avengers, movie: avengers age of ultron, movie: iron man, theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (competent)

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