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Loki asks Odin to kill him and believes he will until the last second

This fic has been on my mind for the past couple of days and I just cannot find it. I think it takes place post-Avengers but before Thor: TDW. It's a bit of a suicidal!Loki fic in that he's back in Asgard and is maybe still a prisoner and he asks Odin to kill him. What I mostly remember is that after a time, Odin comes to him and walks him down the halls of Asgard into a dark space and Loki makes it clear that he would prefer not to be killed underground. Odin ignores him and continues walking until they both exit the underground passage onto the lawn of the palace. There Odin tells Loki that he thought Loki's request to be killed was just to get at Frigga in some way but he realized it was a true request when Loki did not even attempt to stop Odin from walking him to his death. Instead, he offers Loki freedom. Thor and Frigga show up a bit later and Frigga is pissed that Odin let Loki think he was going to kill him. All of this is mostly towards the end.

Please someone tell me you know this fic!

Tags: character: loki, search: fic (specific), theme: loki (hurt), theme: suicide, verse: movies

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