lalndawn (lalndawn) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for abused Tony fics/recs

Hello! I'm looking for any fics where Tony is a) abused as a child by Howard, b) abused/raped as a minor (while he's super young as is canon in high school/collage MIT) (preferably with Best Bro Rhodey to help him after), or c) in a relationship (of any kind, sexual, M/M F/M etc., friendship, etc.) and is mistreated/emotionally abused/physically abused/raped by the other party.

Bonus points if Rhodey or a random (like a therapist — group or one on one, a teen Tony finds and helps, someone in a therapy group he attends etc.) helps Tony out of the situation and tells him its wrong and not his fault. I'm very into the Not Avengers Friendly / Not Steve Friendly / Not Clint Friendly etc. tags at the moment. Any and all recs would be much appreciated thank you!
Tags: character: tony stark, theme: abuse

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