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Recs for Smart!Thor fics and/or Avenger!Loki

I just finished rereading this fic : Relics
1) Now I am craving fics where Thor is (more or less) not so clueless (as he seems always was at the beginning) and can become a partner to Loki in princely things, like negotiation with other realms or in strategising or giving input to Loki about this or that.

Also, (this second recs doesn't have to have anything to do with the first)
2) I would like to read more fics where Loki is included in Avenger since the beginning, or if he joins at later time, at least, not so focused on how he has to redeemed the battle of NY, but more about how he contributes to the team. I prefer Gen.
I have found some, but they are mostly Loki/Tony or even if Gen, it's usually so very short.

I would really really be so very very happy for any kind of recs you give.
Any AU, any pairing, etc are fine.
I hope for a lengthy story, but even if it's short, it's fine too.
For non-Gen fics, if there's any slash, please tell me first of the pairing.

Thanks ;D
*hugs and kisses to all of you*

(I'm sorry beforehand if I make any mistakes in the tagging.. this is my first time posting here)
Tags: character: loki, character: thor, genre: au, genre: gen, pairing: any, search: fic (recs), theme: fix-it fic, theme: loki (bamf), theme: thor (bamf), verse: movies

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