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Tony and Peter one shots

Am I even in the right place? I'm very new to Live Journal, and pretty confused, but I'm looking for fics! I'm also totally new to tagging, so help me out if I've got it all wrong.

So, I love Irondad and Spiderson, especially when it's fluff and crack fics, so I'm looking for some happy, fluffy, funny, everything is sunshine and rainbows, one shots! Rhodey and Pepper can be there, as well as May, but I'd like if they are mostly in the background. Please no fics with the whole team, it was a disaster from the start, and I hate team Cap. 

I wasn't really anti Captain America before Civil War, although he can be so stupid sometimes it hurts to watch, and no one can say he hasn't always had a stick up his ass, but what is he even doing in CW?? Anyway, this is not the place to rant, but, like I said, I don't want team Cap being a part of this fic. 

Also no Stony, but I'd welcome IronStrange, Pepperony, Tony/Rhodey(do they have a ship name?) or even FrostIron or WinterIron as background ships. 

Yeah, just some stupid, short fics without angst, cause my heart is still fragile since IW and needs healing.


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