Jennifer Rose (corsetsandcuts) wrote in avengers_search,
Jennifer Rose

Steve Fic

Well hello!

I might have already posted here, but I use this site so infrequently that I can't remember!

Anywhos, I'm searching for a heartbreakingly sad fic that I read a looong time ago. It's Steve/OMC. The fic is written from the OC's POV. He's an art student at a college in NY (I think) and he meets Steve at his workplace maybe? The fic starts out with him not taking the relationship seriously but he eventually develops feelings, until Bucky shows up in Winter Soldier covert mode, at his workplace, and skewers everything. The ending takes a really dark turn with OC suffering at Winter Soldier's hands.

I can't imagine there's too many fics like this one, but if it helps, a couple of the main points I remember are a coat that Steve buys for OC that becomes a symbolic piece throughout the fic, and the OC mentioning things about Steve like his eyes being very blue, and that thought point disentigrating as the fic (and suffering) progresses. Natasha also plays a role in this fic, at one point giving OC a device he can use to call for help since dating an Avenger is a very dangerous game.

If anyone can help me find this fic I will seriously bake and ship you all the cookies and cakes ever - I remember being very impressed with the author and would love to find them again!

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