kira2127 wrote in avengers_search

Tony - Explosion - China Cabinet?

Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic I read on AO3. Tony is either kidnapped, or the team is busting down a base. Pretty sure it is a Hammer Industry base. I believe there is going to be an explosion, and Tony locks everyone out of the room so he can contain it. He then needs to find someplace to hide, and goes into either a cabinet or a safe to try and hide from the blast. What is sticking in my mind is that there is a lot of glassware/china in the cabinet too, so Tony's main injuries when they get him out are cuts from the glass breaking during the explosion.

I don't remember if there was a ship, but if there was, it was probably slash. Pretty sure this was pre-CAWS. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!


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