deservinglove wrote in avengers_search

Lost fic


Can someone please help me find this fic?

In this fiction, all the avengers except Tony have been turned to kids. This fic is after Civil war. And Tony takes care of the kids. Sam is the oldest and Wanda is the youngest kid. Tony takes them to his apartment and takes care of them.

I didn't read it all, just read the starting. tony takes them to the apartment on a plane which he flies himself. Clint has some issues with eating food and Natasha won't go to sleep. Sam helps take care of Wanda. And they also once go to a market/mall where there are a lot of problems for Tony-keeping all the children in check. And Bucky loses his metal arm when he is turned to a kid.

Last time I saw it, it was unfinished. And now I can't find it. Please do help me find it.


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