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Layla Michaels
Layla Michaels

Specific fics deleted?

Hey guys I'm hoping for some feedback but I don't think the stories I'm looking for might be out there anymore.

1. I'm looking for fics by, I'm pretty sure their user is Paperclip Dean, but since a while deleted their works an everything on their Ao3 account. They were just getting started and probably only had 3 fics at the time they erased it but I really liked them and hoped to read them again. It wasn't uploaded to Wayback either so hopefully someone saved it or posted elsewhere.

2. This one is about Father-son relationship between Tony and Peter. The only scene I really remember is Peter was walking down the front porch of his house in Queens ( I think he was grabbing things from home because Aunt May died) and he had a bit of a fever (or just overwhelmed) and fell down the stairs hitting his head and Tony panicking. I don't know for sure if this one was deleted since it was a while back but it may have been on ff at the time I read it but could never find it again.

This seems like a lost cause but if anyone has an idea or comment let me know.


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