because we have your pants (sara_wolf) wrote in avengers_search,
because we have your pants

Contingency Plans; Humor

1) The Avengers have to fill out paperwork detailing their wishes in case of emergencies (what to do if they turn evil/turn into an animal/are dosed with sex pollen). And I think there was another where, when choosing their options (read: partner) for a potential "fuck or die" situation, everyone chose Coulson.

It's also entirely possible that the two are actually one fic. I don't remember. And I can't find it/them and it's driving me nuts.

2) Please rec me the funniest fics you've ever read. Side-splitting, bust-a-gut, laughing so hard you've got tears in your eyes. No restrictions for character/pairing

Thank you for any help
Tags: search: fic (specific)

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