pizzzzzzzza wrote in avengers_search

Lost Fic: Pre-WW2, Steve/Bucky

Just a quick warning, this post includes references of fictional (but all too real) violence commited against LGBT folk in the 1930's. 

Hi guys! I'm looking for a specific fic based in the 1930's around Steve and Bucky's apartment. It fluctuates between current day and the 30's, revolving around Steve and Bucky's realisation of their love. In one scene, they come across a trans person being attacked, then murdered in 30's Brooklyn. Steve takes their green scarf and procceds to tie it around his bed-post in memoriam. Later, in present day, one of the Avengers (or Darcy, Pepper ect) takes Steve to his old apartment, now immortalised as a museum. His old bed is there, along with the green scarf; which he takes.

If anyone can find/knows of this fics fate, please let me know; it's been picking at my brain for months now. Thanks! 



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