lawliet900 wrote in avengers_search

Help me


well i looking for some fanfictions i hope you can help me

1. i'm not really remember about this fanfic but the story about the  goverment or UN thinks that avengers betray them and then avengers  decide to run away to india or i don't know where is it i forgot. but in  this story bruce think tony has heart condition and the fact is tony  has ptsd because that place remain him about afganistan. and if i not  wrong this pair in this story is stevextonyxbruce

2. the story about tony sicks from child and he can't leave the tower  because if he leave the tower he will sick. and in this story tony  didn't know if steve is captain america

i hope some of you know about this story or recognize it. and i'm so  sorry about my grammar because english is not my first language. thank  you


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