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Lost knitting bucky darcy fic and fluffy Bruce rec request (found)

Hey so I’m looking for one specific fic and one general
So first the specific:
I’m not sure if this is a Darcy/Bucky fic or a reader/Bucky fic but all I remember is that Bucky Clint Steve and possibly Sam are hiding from tony because he keeps trying to poke at bucky’s arm and just being generally annoying so Steve Bucky and maybe Sam are meeting Clint at a coffee shop type place only when they get there everyone is either knitting or crocheting and when they walk in Darcy/reader is working behind the counter and their coworker is talking about how they aren’t the normal type of customers not because their men but because they’re built like really built Steve and the others agree that this was a weird meeting place and when one of them tells this to Clint he says that is why stark won’t think to look here and Sam I think calls him out on the fact that he is knitting socks and Bucky ends up taking up crocheting trying to get closer to Darcy/reader when Clint tells him that she teaches some of the classes he doesn’t tell him that she teaches the knitting classes so Bucky is in the wrong class but ends up enjoying it eventually he ends up getting a chance to talk to Darcy/reader when she is working behind the counter serving drinks so he waits in line to order and Darcy/reader says either how can I help you or what can I do for you today but when Bucky gets up front she accidentally says how can I do you today and then turns red and runs out the employee back door to hide I think it was a soulmate fic because I think her coworker let Bucky behind the counter to get to the door saying something like we aren’t supposed to do this but I think this qualifies as a special case or something like that and Darcy/reader thinks it’s her coworker and says that she will be back in in a minute and Bucky says something sassy and boom soulmate and then they go to dinner or something i don’t know if this is even one fic or two different ones but it is driving me crazy trying to find it

Second: i really need more fics where someone calls dr. Banner fluff or adorable preferably Darcy but others work to as long as there is no angst or like really little angst more how is this my life angst then help we’re all going to die angst because it is a superhero fic and I understand that most superheroes kinda survive on angst and it’s really hard to avoid even when it’s a story about Captain America saving fluff kittens but back to the point lots of fluff and a fluffy Bruce any pairing is fine except Loki/Clint or Loki/tony not because I have anything against them but because i personality prefer that if Clint or Tony hook up with a guy it would be Phil and Steve respectively and if Loki is in a fic with Darcy that is not about angst I personality believe that there will be an epic bromance and everyone else will be horrified (because as Darcy would say they are too awesome for anything less than chaos)
Wow that got really long and rambly sorry I appreciate any help you guys can give me

Chapter 43
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: bucky, character: clint barton, character: darcy lewis, character: sam wilson, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: au, genre: canon!au, genre: crossover/fusion, genre: humor, genre: modern!au, pairing: any, pairing: bruce/other, pairing: bucky/darcy, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: age difference, theme: bruce (bamf), theme: bruce (hurt), theme: bruce (physician), theme: bruce (protective), theme: bucky (protective), theme: clint (bamf), theme: domestic avengers, theme: flirting, theme: friendship, theme: ptsd, theme: redemption, theme: relationship, theme: science bros, theme: soulmates, theme: steve (artist), theme: team!fic, theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (competent), theme: tony (hacker), theme: tony (overworked), theme: tony (sleepy), theme: tony's robots, verse: cartoons, verse: comics, verse: movies

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