unleaded222 (unleaded222) wrote in avengers_search,

Pls help me find these two avenger fanfics

I read these two fan fictions a while ago that I can’t seem to find. I don’t remember their names but I remember some bits from them.

In one of them, the whole avengers team are eating in a restaurant or dessert type of place. And these guys on another table keep staring at tony, they grab him once the team starts to leave and a fight breaks out. The avengers shift into animals and so does the other guys, I remember tony being freaked out about it as he didn’t know about shape shifting. Btw this fic might have had bottom tony with Steve and Bucky.

The other one I think might have been set in after civil war. So Tony finds these high school students outside the tower using his WiFi, so he sets up like like a common room for underprivileged kids to come and study/hang out. I remember him getting close with the kids and celebrating with them when they passed their exams or got into college.

These fics been on my mind for ages, if anyone knows their names I’d really appreciate it.

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