kira2127 wrote in avengers_search

Sentient Stove named Peggy

Hey all. Looking for a fic or two, don't remember if they are connected.

First, where Tony accidentally installed an AI into the oven, and it becomes Steve/Tony's child, and it is named Peggy. I think at one point it becomes connected to the sink, and uses the faucet to attack people. One scene where Fury is meeting with Tony, and Clint or Natasha comes down to complain about "his daughter attacking in the kitchen". Cue Fury having a small stroke.

Second, Charles Xavier visits and can't read Tony's mind because he thinks so fast. Says something among the lines of thinking about a phone upgrade, Steve, something else, and connecting the TV to Asgardian forms of entertainment.

They may be the same fic, I am not entirely sure. Any help appreciated! Thanks!


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